RE: Scribus help (was Re: [guadec-list] Brochure design settled - need content work)

Quoting Ludovic Danigo <ldanigo yahoo fr>:

If the latest PDF is online, I will help cleanup the text and do editing for
English-grammar etc.

What is the deadline here?


--- Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> a écrit :

I'm trying to edit the Scribus file. Can anyone

I understand I can't write directly to the canvas. I
wish I could select
a box (or something like that) to edit the text
inside. I've found the
icon supposed to "edit text" but I can't select a
text field to activate it. has not the best help documents either
and even "just
Google" is not givin interesting results.

I have Scribus 1.2.1, just is case this is relevant.

I used what comes with Dapper, that is 1.2.4.
I guess I might saved it on a different layer then the
text one.

Tools > Layers and select text layer.
Then select a box, right click on it and Upadte or
Modify Text. Mine is in french so I don't what your
could be, Editar o Actulizar Texto.

I didn't do anything this week because I felt we
pretty much had settled on the content a part from the
changes we discussed on IRC the other day with Bolsh
(have you kept logs ? Can you post them ?) and
basically was waiting for the logo.

If you need help editing it tell meand I'll do it.

Ludovic Danigo

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