Re: [guadec-list] Cheap accomodation

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Quim Gil wrote:

> Another possibility is to rent the whole or a good % of rooms at the
> university residence (
> ) which is next to the venue, 45 flats for 2/3 people. This might be not
> that cheap though. But is our next option.

I think this can become the cheapest option.  Their rate on their
site is 85Euros for 4-bed apartment.  They only open in July
though.  I know you said the university will be closed already,
but they may not be ready to accept guests.

If they do OTOH, we may be able to get really cheap, because:

  * It's out of their regular schedule, they are going to be
empty anyway.

  * People can bring in their sleeping bags and share a 4-bed
apartment for like 8 or something!

  * It's a bulk reservation and,

  * It's a rather major event in the university.

Anyway, I think the way to approach this is to run a competition
and ask each of the three options to give their best offer,
knowing that we probably have something like 100 people at least,
and that we are going to choose the best offer and reserve it

> I will provide more information during this week. In the meantime you
> can check


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