Re: [guadec-list] Cheap accomodation

Glynn, details about the reservation of the whole Youth Hostel requested.

About the gym, free accomodation has not been in the plans until now but
we can try. How many people used it in 2004? Was it available in
Stuttgart, in previous years? What capacity wuld be recommended to look for?

Keywan, can you provide more details about the installation you got in
2004? I mean, I guess there were also showers available and... what
else? I need to describe this kind of installation to the Vilanova
people as better as possible.

Thank you.

En/na Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni ha escrit:

> A complete hostel full with GUADEC visitors sound really like fun. I can
> remember at the GUADEC 2004, where I sleeped in the gym/classroom, which
> was free. It was nice to sit with around and to talk etc with the other
> attendees before going to get a little bit sleep.
> But I thin 15-10Eur a night is not really cheap (for me). Is it possible
> to rent (or get it for free) a gym or so. I didnt need much comfort,
> just 2qm for me and my sleeping bag :D

Quim Gil -

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