Re: [guadec-list] GUADEC weekly meeting log

Does anyone remember me making any "buzz"?
behdad: hey.  the log contest first? :-D
bolsh: Are you sure you sent it? It's not in the archives
bolsh: Hi behdad
behdad: s/log/logo/
bolsh: What is it with Iranians and the logo contest? :)
behdad: bolsh: heh, behnam 'zwnj', my brother, is the #1 contender :)
bolsh: :)
behdad: but I'm not sure why fa and elnaz made so much buzz
qgil: but there is nothing we can discuss about this  :)
behdad: heh, it was in the agenda, I thought you have the votes :-D
qgil: behdad: I see the same you can see, so open/closed is the process
behdad: seems like guadec week is totally synced on Iranian final exams btw.
***qgil wishes one day a big GNOME event happens in Tehran
behdad: heh.
qgil: would be so healthy for all of us...
***behdad secretly thinks about that every year...
qgil: one day I'll ecplain you my 30' with my feet in Iranian territory,
but now let's go ahead with the weekly meeting  :9

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