Re: [guadec-list] Call for Participation procedure

En/na Glynn Foster ha escrit:

> Drupal really confuses me, so I guess I don't see the full content of
> what the average user sees. If it's exactly what I'm seeing, then we
> have a long way to go ;)

Maybe what confuses you is your user role, not Drupal.  :)

Your user has editor role, you see more things than an average user
sees. I can take out your editing role if you want. There is a testuser
user to test what an average user sees, I can send you the password if
you want.

> All we need is a form with a few simple fields, and instead we have
> things like -
> Authoring Information
> Options
> User comments

A registered user don't see these fields.

> Formatting guidelines
> Attachments

Yes, they are in the form for all users.

What is the problem offering basic HTML and guidelines formatting to
those wanting to have a rich edited page introducing their session? If
 you want to write just plain text it will work as well.

Also people might be interested uploading documents, the presentation...
I see this as a feature, not as a problem. If you don't want to upload
anything, just don't use this feature.

What users are submitting are not only proposals responding the Call for
Papers. They are creating the only page that will contain all the
information about a session. Introducing the same formatting
capabilities as a i.e. blog entry is good, offering the opportunity to
upload your stuff is very good, since this is the typical request when
people attend a session in a conference.

> I just want to fill in the form goddammit, and it's cluttered with all
> this crap! :)

If you just want to do this you just need to fill the fields with red

Type of session
Full description

If you think they are too many required fields, let's decide which ones
we can make non-required.

Quim Gil -

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