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--- Davyd Madeley <davyd madeley id au> a écrit :
> > Still we need to agree and finish on the content.
> > Specifically the number and level of sponsorship
> > package we want to propose in it. I am wondering
> if we
> > should keep page 4 as we might not have reliable
> data.
> > But we will hopefully be abble to add it back for
> next
> > year if we take care of surveying a bit people at
> > registration time (optionaly of course).
> I was just thinking that perhaps there are too many
> sponsorship packages
> being offered here. With cornerstone, diamond,
> platinum, gold, silver,
> bronze, a bags sponsor and an "At-A-Glance" sponsor
> (which I think we
> really need to rename) this may be too many, with
> not enough distinction
> between each of the levels. I defer here to anyone
> with actual
> experience in gaining corporate sponsorship.
> Incidently, the right hand sidebar on page 5 seems
> disconnected from the
> rest of the information. How does this relate to the
> rest of the
> information on this page?

Well, the main idea was to have exclusivities (one
unique sponsor) and opportunities (several can ask
them level of sponsoring).

Yet it would be nice to have major (main page) and
minor (on the side) prososition of sponsoring, at
pricing level, more and more affordable low level of
sponsoring. That's why I think we should keep silver
and bronze for instance. Maybe with other name, but
Plastic Package is not really appealing ;-)

I think we should allow sponsor to make counter
proposition and state it so that they actually know
it. I reflected this idea in the form.

I've join a new proposition with prices in Euro.

Original / Alternate teasers :

The Conerstone Sponsor Package is an exclusivity that
gives you
top billing to all attendees before, during, and after
the event, and
premium advertising and exhibit placement at the
solidifying your company's leader-ship position in the
Gnome Community.

The Diamond sponsors warrant themself top
communication coverage by associate them with the
GUADEC event,
assuring that way their position as a major actor in
the Gnome Comunity.

The platinum sponsors distinguish from competition by
using our comunication chanel to widely reach the
Comunity. It's your occasion to promote your brand and
give it high visibility.

The Gold package is a great opportunity to increase
your visibility and associate your Brand to the Gnome

Altenately, sidebar could be dedicated to social event

> Page 4 is probably worth keeping in some form, as
> otherwise we are not
> actually giving corporates who don't know us (or
> whose managers don't
> know us) a reason to give us any money.

I can't agree more. I'll work on it tonigh.

/me evil hat on

That said,
>From tomorrow night, 24h GMT,
I'll start to be anal en refuse changes as the
will enter in feature freeze.

>From saturday night, 24h GMT,
Brochure will enter in string freeze.



Note : unable to attach file, inlining it.

= Sponsorship Packages =

== Sponsorship Exclusivities ==

=== Conerstone Package ===

The cornerstone sponser is granted exclusive top
billing on the 
sponsors list, premium advertising and exibit
placement at the event.
Recognition as the cornerstone sponser of GUADEC will
solidfy the
position of your company as an industry leader and
strong supporter of GNOME.

Being the cornerstone sponsor grants your company:
 - sponsorship of an event social occasion
 - one (1) speaking slot
 - top billing on all conference material
 - two (2) inserts into the conference "show bag"
 - access to the press room
 - ten (10) complimentry professional registrations to
the event

Cost : 25 000 ?

=== GUADEC Official Pocket Schedule ===

A colourful, user-friendly guide to the Event that
fits easily into a
pocket. It also provides a map of the Event venue .

Being the GUADEC Official Pocket Schedule sponsor
grants your company:
 - Sponsor's advertisement in the Pocket Schedule 
 - One (1) complimentary registration
 - Sponsorship recognition at Opening Session

Cost : $ToBeDetermined

=== Event Bags ===

Place your company brand on these attractive Event
distributed to all attendees and get wide visibility !

Benefits of this sponsorship
 - Sponsor logo and Website address on one side of all
bags along with our logo
 - Two (2) complimentary registrations
 - Sponsor recognition at General Session

Cost : $ToBeDetermined

(( On the side ))

=== Opening Breakfast ===

Place your company brand on the opening break fast
table and be
well seen by hangry hackers !

Cost : At sponsor charge

=== Closing Diner ===

Accompagn event ending by sponsoring the closing diner

Cost : At sponsor charge

=== Closing Party ===

Make our event and your brand unforgivable by
sponsoring the closing party in Barcelona !

Cost : At sponsor charge

(( New  Page ))

==== Sponsorship Oportunities ====

=== Diamond Package ===

Diamond Sponsor
The diamond sponser is allowed billing on the sponsor
list, advertising 
and exibit placement at the event. Diamond sponsors
will be well recognised 
as supporters of GNOME.

Being a diamond sponsor grants your company:
 - sponsorship of an event social occasion;
 - one (1) speaking slot;
 - high billing on all conference material;
 - one (1) insert into the conference "show bag";
 - access to the press room; and
 - seven (7) complimentry professional registrations
to the event

Cost : 18000 ?

=== Platinium Pack age

Platinum Sponsor
The platinum sponsor gives you excellent exposure to
all attendees 
during the event and demonstrates your company's
commitment to GNOME, its 
community and free software.

Being a platinum sponsor grants your company:
 - one (1) position in a panel presentation;
 - high billing on all conference material;
 - one (1) insert into the conference "show bag";
 - access to the press room; and
 - five (5) company registrations

Cost : 9000 ?

=== Gold Package ===

The Gold Sponsor Package is a powerful way to gain the
share and market share of the Gnome Community.

Benefits of this sponsorship
 - Name in conference brochure and all printed
 - Opportunity to distribute materials at forum
 - Website sponsor listing for life of Conference Web
 - 3 company registrations.

Cost : 4500 ?

(( On the side ))

=== Silver Package === 

The Silver package is a good way to stand out
competitors by
valorating your image and expertise in Gnome

Benefits :
 - Material Distribution granted
 - Website sponsor listing
 - 2 company registrations.

Cost : 1000 ?

=== Bronze Package ===

The Bronze Sponsorship allow you express your caring
for the Gnome
Project at an afordable price.

Benefits :
 - Opportunity to distribute materials
 - Website sponsor listing
 - 1 company registrations.

Cost : 500 ?

Ludovic Danigo


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