Re: [guadec-list] Brochure design settled - need content work

About the brochure itself...

a conference with 6 editions in the back, all this live and energy is
not present in the brochure. Where is the people? There must be 2-3 good
pictures out there. Please bring them.

- Danilo, will you have some free time this weekend? We can meet on IRC
and work together the last details. The objective would be to get a 0.99
version to be sent on late Sunday the latest, so people can sed
feedback/corrections on Monday. On Tuesday we will have new GUADEC logo,
we apply it to the brochure and DONE.

Brief feedback page by page so you know where I come from.  :)

1: ok

2: less text, bigger font, bigger GNOME foot, what about including
previous GUADEC logos, they look good.

3: right yellow column out, so we have less information and more space.
I'd keep that column on even pages but not in odd pages. Opening the
brochure looks nicer, I think.

4: I would use the column for previous sponsors, showing their logos.
Only the big ones that paid, not the media/travel sponsors. And not of
Stuttgart only, previous years as well. Sponsors need to see how
generous their competition have been and can be this year as well. The
featured speakers could go in the main column, as content. Not only
Stuttgart, previous years as well.

5: I'd put here cornerstone, gold and supporter packages. No need for
more, maybe just a comment at the end insinuating other possibilities
are negotiable: contact us. In any case we need big contact us details.

6: The current content would go out. This is useful to get a nicer back
page (8).

7 --> 6: The form would be simplified. Yet we need it as official
contract of sponsorship via fax or letter. What about offering an .odt
and/or similar formats downloadable that sponsors can fill and send by

8 --> 7: Ok, terms and conditions. The board should have a look at them.
And to the rest of the brochure, of course, but specially jrb should
approve explicitely what it's said there.

8: A clean, white back page with the GNOME & GUADEC logos, GUADEC URL,
basic contact details and a small "Thank you!" wink.

Sorry for not giving proper feedback before, I didn't have time/mental
room enough...

En/na Ludovic Danigo ha escrit:
> Hi,

Quim Gil -

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