Re: GU4DEC - Let's start the discussion now.

El mié, 10-04-2002 a las 14:14, Mikael Hallendal escribió:


> I think using this list is a good place, that way everyone already on
> this list will be able to follow the discussions.

I agree with this.

> Thanks for starting this discussions right away.
> And to agree with Antonio's response, I think we should consider either
> 1) Switch between US and Europe every other year
> 2) Have two conferences (which is kind-of-bad since that way not 
>    everyone will get together).

Well, I think that (2) is not a good idea for the same reasons you
explain, and about (1), when I was talking about not thinking only in
Europe, I was not thinking in switching to USA as the only option...



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