Re: Compiling and installing gtranslator

I attached you my jhbuildrc you'll h ave to modify it to use the anonymous user instead of mine.
Some tips:

Clone jhbuild: make && make install

jhbuild boostrap
jhbuild build gtksourceview-3
Clone libpeas: jhbuild shell then ./ --prefix=/opt/gnome --libdir=/opt/gnome/lib64 && make && make install
Clone libgda: switch to gtk3 branch and then same way in libpeas to install it
jhbuild buildone gnome-utils
jhbuild buildone gtranslator

I think should be mostly ok, you'll need to install also some dev packages form your distro.
I'm afraid that it is going to be more complicated to build it than to fix the plugin.

PS: see that you have to use only build with the first one and buildone with the others.

I hope this will help you.


On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 2:37 AM, Kenny Meyer <knny myer gmail com> wrote:

Here's a quick status report:

Day 1:

What I want to do:

 Compile and install the gtranslator source from git HEAD.

What I have done so far:

 1) Started getting a definition about libpeas, gtk3, and gtranslator, and
   obtained a clone of libpeas and gtranslator with git.
 2) Got jhbuild, encountered some distro-specific issues which I could fix.
 3) Bootstrapped jhbuild
 4) Built jhbuild, but then realised that this was GNOME 2.x which didn't
   compile with gtranslator.
 5) Set `moduleset = "3.0"' in my ~/.jhbuildrc
 6) Built again and I still have to get 240+ modules, which seems a
   lot. So, I skipped that, and followed the instructions on a blog
   article's comment. [1]
 7) ATM jhbuild is building, which may take some time.

I wonder if you could give me some advice to setup my environment without
wasting too much time and to get things done.

Maybe a/your .jhbuildrc?

I've attached you my .jhbuildrc, which is not yet quite modded. ;-)

Awaiting your input,


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