Re: win32 version of gtranslator


> Thanks to Ignacio i solved the issues. I've looked the code of gedit
> and copied a lot of stuff from it. I add a comment like /* Copied from
> gedit code */, i don't the standard way to give credit, i change de
> patch if you prefer make it in another way.
Great news!
About the way of giving credit when you are coping code from another
project is recommended, in additon to mention the project,
to mention also the specific file from the code has been copied so
that people can get information about the owner of the copyright of
that code. But, don't worry, you don't need to make the patch again,
I'll make that change when I commit the patches.

> The installer can be download from:
> Its compiled without support for subversion, open-tran, dictionary and
> spell support but if anyone is interested i can build another version
I could also upload the installer to GNOME ftp if you want

> patch 0002 displays a warning message when someone is trying to access
> the help on windws, gedit solved it openning a browser at the webpage
> with the help, but i don't find online help for gtranslator.
There is no online help for gtranslator, but maybe could be a good idea...

Thanks for your effort, I'll check the patches and commit them as soon
as possible.

Pablo Sanxiao

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