Re: win32 version of gtranslator

2009/7/18 Ignacio Casal Quinteiro <nacho resa gmail com>:

> Have a look at how I did with gedit to solve that. You need to add
> some linking stuff for doing that on the
> That's the branch I did sometime ago, of course in master you're gonna
> have more patches about that. Gtranslator is almost the same as gedit
> so if you recreate those patches in gtranslator you're gonna have it working
> on windows too.

Thanks to Ignacio i solved the issues. I've looked the code of gedit
and copied a lot of stuff from it. I add a comment like /* Copied from
gedit code */, i don't the standard way to give credit, i change de
patch if you prefer make it in another way.

The installer can be download from:

Its compiled without support for subversion, open-tran, dictionary and
spell support but if anyone is interested i can build another version

patch 0002 displays a warning message when someone is trying to access
the help on windws, gedit solved it openning a browser at the webpage
with the help, but i don't find online help for gtranslator.

best regards
Francisco Puga

Attachment: 0001-Added-stuff-to-autotools-files-to-build-for-win.patch
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Attachment: 0002-Fix-display-help-and-fix-display-po-files-by-search.patch
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Attachment: 0003-Embed-a-icon-file-on-gtranslator.exe-for-eyecandy-on.patch
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Attachment: 0004-Add-gtr-folder-to-path-on-win-necessary-to-direct-l.patch
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