win32 version of gtranslator

hi all,

i'm working on build the win32 version of gtranslator for a project of
a GLUG called ghandalf[1].

In order to do that i write some patches that i attach on this email.

0001 are few changes just to use win32 headers
0002 define some new functions in utils.c to resolve in a different
way the paths to the different folders when we are on win32 systems.
0003 is just a workaround for now because i can't manage to get
plugins work jet. My problem is that win32-gtranslator is trying to
load the plugins as dll libraries but they are compiled as static
linux libs (.a file). If anyone have any advice about this it will be

I must say that i'm newbie to software development and gnome community
but i am trying to learn, so comment everything that you want about
the patches or the manners.

I've build a windows installer (without plugins) that you can test,
download it from


best regards

Francisco Puga

Attachment: 0001-Ifdef-some-headers-for-match-win32-api-headers.patch
Description: Binary data

Attachment: 0002-Using-fuctions-instead-of-macros-to-resolve-paths.patch
Description: Binary data

Attachment: 0003-Workaround-to-resolve-path-of-plugins-folder-on-wind.patch
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