The Great Prefs Revamp

Alright, I've basically completed my reorganization of the preferences. So that there's no confusion, I'm going to provide a complete list of what I've removed and one new preference that I've added. I've also renamed and moved around a lot of preferences. The new names should be a good deal more intuitive and better-organized. The changes will, however, mean that most preferences will need to be set again. I feel that the benefits of being able to understand both the gconf entries and the code more easily greatly outweigh the negatives of breaking preferences that have never been in a release.

Without further ado, the additions and removals:
* Though it was only in the header, keep_obsolete is gone
* All remaining PO header prefs are gone, save for take_my_options which I've renamed to use_profile_values * I've removed show_tm_options; this didn't really change any behavior, just set a menu insensitive
* I added sort_order for the message list, allowing persistent sort order

I would LIKE to remove unmark_fuzzy, as I think the behavior is just about universal enough that the pref is unnecessary. Thoughts? If there's a strong enough objection to its removal, I'll leave it. Additionally, I've filed a bug at about the delete_compiled preference being unimplemented. I think we either need to remove this or someone needs to implement it before we release. It seems useful, so I'd prefer it be implemented.

I'm also removing some of the code in the prefs-manager. The gconf internals are dirty and not really necessary. The consensus in #gnome-hackers was that the only need for those functions would be improper installation, something which it probably isn't worthwhile working around in the code itself. This should be handled automatically by gconf with proper schemas. These needed to be created anyhow, so I've done so.

I won't commit my changes until either the git changes are merged into subversion or before I get on the plane tomorrow, whichever is soonest. I'd like feedback on unmark_fuzzy and if you have any other comments, please let me know quickly.

Seán de Búrca

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