Todo for Gtranslator 2.0

I have a few things that I want to see happen before we get to release. Since these are things that I would like to foster discussion on, I'm sending this to the list.

I'm working on cleaning up preferences right now. I'd like to check on a few things before I remove them. I'm assuming that all of the PO header settings can be removed now that we have the work on profiles. Do we need the "Take my options" preference for the header or can we just assume we should use the active profile? If not, I'll remove the relevant tab from the Header dialog. The "Keep obsolete" preference has been removed from the interface, it seems, so I'll removed it from the source. I also plan on fixing some strings and cleaning up the preferences interface a little.

The next issue is the View menu. As far as I can tell, this doesn't do anything useful that can't be done through the interface with as many or fewer clicks. I personally think we need to get rid of it unless anyone can think of a solid reason to keep it around.

I talked briefly with Pablo about this today but we also need new docs and icons. We can ask the doc team about the former and the Tango folks about the latter if arrangements haven't already been made.

Please, any feedback that anyone can give would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Seán de Búrca

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