Re: Todo for Gtranslator 2.0

Em Seg, 2008-09-08 às 22:38 -0400, Sean Burke escreveu:
> [...]
>     I'm working on cleaning up preferences right now. I'd like to check 
> on a few things before I remove them. I'm assuming that all of the PO 
> header settings can be removed now that we have the work on profiles. Do 
> we need the "Take my options" preference for the header or can we just 
> assume we should use the active profile? If not, I'll remove the 
> relevant tab from the Header dialog. [...]

I don't have any good suggestions this time, but I must remember that
it's very easy for translators to write wrong stuff to the header, or to
forget to write good stuff. We should have some way to remember the
translators what settings are being written to the header (or header
comments). One crazy idea, just to illustrate: a confirmation dialog
before overwriting stable fields like language-team; and a dialog for
trivial things like changing the last-translator field.

The other cleanups look good.
Leonardo Fontenelle

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