Re: [Gtranslator-devel] This release 1.0.0 ?

On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 09:57, Peeter Vois wrote:
Because this release seems to be most stable of gtranslator's i will suggest
call this release as 1.0.0.
Nope, I won't :-P But for honesty this is a good idea, and I've just reversioned the current CVS edition to be 0.40 -- the release will be release 0.40! But the 1.x generation is faar, faar away :-)
So 1.X.X series of gtranslators will be based on gtk1.2 and can be improved,
bugfixed, raised functionality ...
Heh, I am straightly for naming the perfect resulting, ultimate, extra-terrestrian release 1.0 ;-)
Currently, I would never name gtranslator a 1.0 release, there's still much lacking in some  areas.
The gtk2 based relases will be 2.X.X
What about this idea ? --- so beat me now!!! I will resist :)
Aaah, finish him! ;-) or Hadooken (how did we write these things? Uhm...) Well, I am now the director and here's my screenplay:
The next one tomorrow is 0.40, fine with you all I think :-)
Further releases are named 0.[EVEN]x for the GNOME 1.x world and 0.[ODD]x for the GNOME 2.x world, that's ok.
And the final and ultimate GNOME 1.x perfectly enhanced and GNOME 2.0 ported super-ultimate-rich-sexy release will be 1.00 then :-)
Peeter, I think, my screenplay from above is quite fair and Ok to understand so I'd keep with it or we could get a big mess with some dumb users ;-)
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