Re: Deriving from GObject in C++

Bom dia!
Se entendi bem você quer fazer o reaproveitamento de algo que já fez em
C++, correto?
Nesse caso é bem possível você separar a GUI da sua programação pensando
em camadas, a vantagem do C++ é a possibilidade de herança.
Não tenho como lhe passar uma experiência sobre o caso, mas a própria
linguagem pode te ajudar, explore herança e polimorfismo.
Qualquer coisa poste o código para podemos ter uma ideia do que está
fazendo se quiser.

Good Morning!
If I understand correctly you want to reuse something you've already
done in C ++, correct?
In this case it is quite possible to separate the GUI from your
programming thinking about layers, the advantage of C ++ is the
possibility of inheritance.
I have no way of giving you an experience on the case, but the language
itself can help you, explore heritage and polymorphism.
Anything post the code so we can get an idea of what you're doing if you

Em 26/05/2020 04:59, gnu escreveu:
I want to make a GUI app and have only little past experience with gtk
and gtkmm. The program is actually finished apart from a GUI and is
written in C++. I thought about deriving from GObject using C++ and
create a bunch of custom classes and widgets (not only overriding
existing methods but defining new ones), that can then be used in the
wider glib/gtk world through GIR introspection. This would comfortably
open the door to using some scripting languages for the GUI part - at
least that's my fantasy.

But is this even possible and what would be the recommended way to do so?

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