Re: Cannot `dynamic_cast` custom wrapped widget from Gtk::Builder

It looks like it does, I'm pretty sure this happens in the `panzoomarea_class_.init()` call:
    :  // Mark this class as non-derived to allow C++ vfuncs to be skipped.
      Gtk::DrawingArea(Glib::ConstructParams(panzoomarea_class_.init())) {}


Which I've also pasted here: 
const Glib::Class& PanZoomArea_Class::init() {
  if (!gtype_)  // create the GType if necessary
    // Glib::Class has to know the class init function to clone custom types.
    class_init_func_ = &PanZoomArea_Class::class_init_function;

    // This is actually just optimized away, apparently with no harm.
    // Make sure that the parent type has been created.
    // CppClassParent::CppObjectType::get_type();

    // Create the wrapper type, with the same class/instance size as the base
    // type.

    // Add derived versions of interfaces, if the C type implements any
    // interfaces:

  return *this;


On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 3:08 PM Daniel Boles via gtkmm-list <gtkmm-list gnome org> wrote:
How does your generated constructor look? Does it register the new type with GObject?

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