Re: Meson and Autotools, or only Meson?

On 2020-03-26 03:06, Pavlo Solntsev wrote:
On Wed, 2020-03-25 at 18:49 +0100, Kjell Ahlstedt via gtkmm-list wrote:
These *mm packages can now be built either with Meson or with

libsigc++-2.0, libsigc++-3.0
glibmm-2.4, glibmm-2.66
pangomm-1.4, pangomm-2.44
(gtkmm-documentation-3,) gtkmm-documentation-4
I've put gtkmm-documentation-3 in parentheses because there is no
released tarball with Meson support, it's only in the git repo.
How about ninja dist?

Yes, what about ninja dist? What do you mean? It should work with the listed packages. Have you found that it doesn't? Or is your question a way of saying that I should have used ninja dist instead of make distcheck in recent releases?


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