Re: Meson and Autotools, or only Meson?

On 2020-03-26 11:01, Murray Cumming wrote:
On Thu, 2020-03-26 at 09:42 +0100, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
 warnings=fatal is the default. I
have tried to make the "warnings" option equal to the Autotools
equivalent, except that "fatal" is the default.
I wonder if that's wise. It will lead to unnecessary build breakage,
for instance for packagers, when they upgrade compilers or
dependencies. If this remains the default, we might need to give people
obvious instructions about how to build more forgivingly.
I have changed the default warning level to min, except when a tarball is created and tested. (ninja dist corresponds to make distcheck.) That's how autotools builds work.

Gtkmm itself can't be built with Meson yet. That's several months
ahead, I think.
You might consider, if you like, not removing autotools from the other
builds until gtkmm uses Meson, if you remove autotools. That would be a
simpler story.

Other comments have made me believe that we ought to keep the autotools support until most common distros contain mm-common 1.0.0 or higher. (Building with meson in maintainer mode requires mm-common >= 1.0.0.)

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