Glib::Property and read / write settings

I have derived a class out of Glib::Object and I'm using Glib::Property in it. I'm able to get the properties to work except for figuring out one thing.

Some of the properties are required to be read-only while others can allow read/write access. The read-only properties are initialized like below.

        "<some nick name>",
        "<some property description",

My understanding was that, irrespective of whether a property is read-only or read/write, the object that installs the property (including its derived classes) can both read as well as write. However for other classes (which only have access to an instance of this object) can only read from it. I wrote a little test code to confirm this theory but to my surprise everyone had read/write access!
What could I be doing wrong?

Also is there any means where if any of the properties of an object is modified, the object gets 'notified'? I found the statement below in GObject Reference Manual (
Once the property has been set by the object's set_property class method, execution returns to g_object_set_property which makes sure that the "notify" signal is emitted on the object's instance with the changed property as parameter unless notifications were frozen by g_object_freeze_notify.
However I couldn't see any in Glib::Object documentation. Please suggest.

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