Re: New ABI names for glibmm-2.58, atkmm-2.28 and pangomm-2.42?

On Thu, 2018-09-06 at 15:47 +0200, Kjell Ahlstedt via gtkmm-list wrote:
Shall the ABI names of the future ABI breaking releases of glibmm,
atkmm and pangomm be changed once again?

I think, yes, please.

Latest release of glib is 2.58.0. Shall the ABI name of glibmm be
changed from glibmm-2.58 to glibmm-2.60?
Latest release of atk is 2.29.2. Shall the ABI name of atkmm be
changed from atkmm-2.28 to glibmm-2.30?
Latest release of pango is 1.42.4. Shall the ABI name of pangomm be
changed from pangomm-2.42 to pangomm-2.44?
Latest release of cairo is 2.15.13. The ABI name of cairomm can
probably remain cairomm-1.16.
It had probably been easier to use obviously temporary ABI names
until the ABIs are frozen. Perhaps something like glibmm-2.temp,
atkmm-2.temp, pangomm-2.temp? Then the ABI names would have to be
changed only twice, first from e.g. glibmm-2.4 to glibmm-2.temp, then
from glibmm-2.temp to the final name.

I'd much prefer to keep using numbers. They indicate some sequence.

 If glibmm-2.58 is changed to glibmm-2.60, it will be the 5th change.

Well, at least nobody is using them yet, and we have advised distros
not to package them.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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