New ABI names for glibmm-2.58, atkmm-2.28 and pangomm-2.42?

Shall the ABI names of the future ABI breaking releases of glibmm, atkmm and pangomm be changed once again?

Latest release of glib is 2.58.0. Shall the ABI name of glibmm be changed from glibmm-2.58 to glibmm-2.60?
Latest release of atk is 2.29.2. Shall the ABI name of atkmm be changed from atkmm-2.28 to glibmm-2.30?
Latest release of pango is 1.42.4. Shall the ABI name of pangomm be changed from pangomm-2.42 to pangomm-2.44?

Latest release of cairo is 2.15.13. The ABI name of cairomm can probably remain cairomm-1.16.

It had probably been easier to use obviously temporary ABI names until the ABIs are frozen. Perhaps something like glibmm-2.temp, atkmm-2.temp, pangomm-2.temp? Then the ABI names would have to be changed only twice, first from e.g. glibmm-2.4 to glibmm-2.temp, then from glibmm-2.temp to the final name. If glibmm-2.58 is changed to glibmm-2.60, it will be the 5th change.


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