Re: Which new releases of gtkmm and friends shall be made?

If we agree to merge Gtk::make_managed(), then the patch I have in an MR on GitLab will make gtkmm-documentation 3.24 more interesting, as it includes updates about that!

Based on what you said on GitLab, I guess you're happy to merge those, but I'd like to get feedback on the documentation MR and a final go-ahead for the actual code one before I push.

There are a few relatively minor improvements that we have made in master but weren't approved for gtkmm-3-22, which would be nice to pick to gtkmm-3-24 while we have the chance. I'll try to dig those up and ping the bugs or submit MRs to get confirmation on whether they're deemed suitable. The one that comes to mind right now is Gtk::Window::show_uri(), which has no gtkmm wrapping in v3 right now.

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