Which new releases of gtkmm and friends shall be made?

No new releases of gtkmm and friends have been made for a long time. This is what I think shall be released fairly soon:

Module  Branch  New release

libsigcplusplus  libsigc++-2-10  2.10.1
libsigcplusplus  master    2.99.12

glibmm  glibmm-2-56  2.56.1
glibmm  glibmm-2-58 (new)  2.58.0
glibmm  master   2.59.1 (new ABI name: glibmm-2.60)

pangomm  pangomm-2-40  2.40.1 (?)
pangomm  pangomm-2-42 (new)  2.42.0
pangomm  master  2.43.1 (new ABI name: pangomm-2.44)

atkmm  atkmm-2-24  2.24.3 (?)
atkmm  atkmm-2-28 (new)  2.28.0
atkmm  master   2.29.1 (new ABI name: atkmm-2.30)

gtkmm  gtkmm-3-22  2.22.1
gtkmm  gtkmm-3-24  2.24.0
gtkmm  master  3.93.1 (or 3.94.0)

gtkmm-documentation  gtkmm-3-22  3.22.1
gtkmm-documentation  gtkmm-3-24 (new)  3.24.0 (?)
gtkmm-documentation  master  3.93.1 (or 3.94.0)

A question mark means that I'm not sure the release is necessary. It will differ very little from a previous release.
Shall all releases from gtkmm/master have odd minor versions, or shall the version number equal the gtk+ version, which is now 3.94.0?

I can make at least some of these releases.


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