Aw: Re: Tree View with Tree Model where sub items have their own columns / different structure


Sure, but that to me is not an issue of the columns (data types of each row), but rather just how you 
convert a path to its position within the tree,

No, my problem is how to leave the unused columns in each row blank. E.g. if I have an int type as column an 
unset value will be displayed as "0" which is not what I want to achieve. i simply have no idea how to 
hide/remove/leave empty a unused column in a sub entry.  

and how nodes are
indented relative to each other.

Yes, but how can I modify the beahviour of the TreeView Widget? I did not find any configuration for that 
topic. Can you point me to it?

The columns will all have the same type, in this case text (and maybe an icon, etc.).


 Put another way: you don't want to have to maintain an arbitrary number of columns, where the definition of 
the model changes depending on how deeply nested your directory
structure is, and where each row only uses one of those many columns.
And what did that mean? Which conatainer widget can I use for this topic? Have I write a own one?

Sorry, I still have no idea how to create a simple TreeView which did not contain all columns for each row.


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