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Tech Support Bulletin Briefing

Is your website design good enough for Google??

Check out the following facts....then call us!

  • The vast majority of website enquiries/sales are generated via organic Google listings Worldwide (websites ranked naturally)
  • Far fewer clicks are generated by Adwords (paid for ads/clicks) which are often not followed further!!
  • In the World Google is the most popular search tool taking a staggering 105 billion searches per month. In the USA alone Google takes 1.6 billion visitors per month but Yahoo and Bing remain critically important with Bing the second largest taking 400 million, followed by the once mighty Yahoo in third place with 300 million.

    In the UK Google dominates with 89.47% of searches, followed by Bing with 6.52% (But Bing is now the fastest growing search tool even outpacing Google), then Yahoo with 2.94%, MSN .54%, DuckDuckgo .4%, and AOL .07%

    A website should be submitted to and found by all leading search engines
  • The front page of Google gets over 80% of enquiries
  • Google ignores keywords for ranking
  • Website design quality affects your Google ranking
  • The written content of a website is critical to ranking potential
  • Obsolete websites are downgraded by Google

Have you heard about Semantics?? This is the study of meaning in the relationship between words and how they relate to one another collectively known as signifiers (includes words, phrases, and symbols). The semantic web isn't about keywords and backlinks, it's about relationships between concepts which are related like expressed human language. The skill lies in using words or phrases to form logical statements on your site, and search engines can then recognise the logic in the sequence, collect, analyse, and rank your website against selected search terms contained within the text

If a website is 'stuffed' with text or words for little or no reason other than to 'fool' search engines, Google will discover or ignore the attempts but your website may be downgraded as a result

Text compilation is a highly skilled process and you may be well advised to seek advice. It can simply make the difference between gaining or losing sales or enquiries. The text is as important as quality if not more so and most websites are poorly written. They may well describe a business in terms that you may wish to express but worded in a way which makes your website more invisible to Google. Result: Your website ranking is compromised or downgraded

Ensure any links within your website have a reason to be there. Linking to organisations merely hoping that your rankings will improve could have the opposite effect. In fact, Google warns against this practice and, once again, if this technique is observed, a website may be downgraded or, at worst, removed from search results

To put it simply, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes and don't try to trick Google. In the worst case scenario your website may be penalised for the improper use of content or structured data. There are cases when Google has taken action against websites. The penalty message typically goes like this:

'Markup on some pages on this site appears to use techniques such as marking up content that is invisible to users, marking up irrelevant or misleading content, and/or other manipulative behaviour that violates Google's Rich Snippet Quality guidelines.'

So let's deal with the key issues affecting your ranking and enquiry/sales potential:

  • Improve your website design quality - Obsolete designs are downgraded
  • Remove Keyword (tags) from your website code or make minimum use of
  • Get your text right....take advice - Semantics are now critically important!!
  • Seek quality SEO input - Why not be well ranked rather than paying for the privilege

And remember....if your website has not been properly and professionally structured for smartphones or other mobile/tablet devices, not only might your ranking be downgraded, you are missing out. In 2015, for the first time, the number of users accessing the internet via mobile/tablet devices exceeded those accessing via pc's - The gap is still increasing!!

Get it right for Google - get it right for you...

Does your business deserve better??

We have been achieving top results for business for over 20 years

We update websites with cutting edge designs and deliver search engine success

We can assist in properly structuring text in a website

Isn't it time you took advice about your website?

Find out why more and more businesses right across the UK are achieving real success with Forte Trinity

Why not call now on 01942 684040 or click here to get in touch.

You may have nothing to lose - except more enquiries/sales!!

Sally Carney
Technical Advisor
sally fortetrinity co uk
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