Re: gtkmm 3.24 or new API in gtkmm 3.22?

I would agree with Dieter. But by all indications I've seen, there specifically will not be any GTK+ versions beyond 3.22. The idea is that 3.22 is the v3 version of 2.24 - the final 'minor' release of its kind, which will now only receive an arbitrary number of point releases, until its LTS ends. 2.24 is now on point release .31

This isn't to say that adding/deprecating API in 3.22 is good, but it's what we've got. If GTK+ manages to follow its own plan as laid out in the latest set of versioning blog posts, then we're not going to get a 3.24 or 3.26 or anything.

Personally, I don't know quite how to feel. I like how GTK+ 3 is trying to be actually stable - at least, more so, if we recall the huge changes to theming that arrived clumsily just a couple of even minor releases ago. But I feel like 3 could do with some more measured changes to API, worthy of a new minor release, which will now (ideally!) be harder to get into 3.22. As for GTK+ 4, right now it is exciting more in theory than practice, as a lot has yet to be worked out, and some 'cleanups' have killed functionality that I'm loathe to give up without any sign that it'll be replaced. Oh well - I'll just keep doing what I can to cherry-pick useful changes from GTK+ 4 to 3.22, when the original authors don't.

and hey, for whatever it indicates: GTK+ 4 has just hit a new milestone tonight with the release of v 3.90

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