Re: FileChooserDialog constructors taking backend argument

Den 2017-03-26 kl. 23:15, skrev Daniel Boles:

About this commit:

Clearly these constructors could not actually achieve their stated purpose in GTK+ 3, as the backend functionality was removed already then.

In case anyone was trying to use these in gtkmm-3, should deprecation warnings be added there, too? Clearly we don't want to just remove these ctors and break code that was using them, however ineffectively.

I have marked the FileChooserDialog constructors with backend parameters deprecated in gtkmm-3. I suppose it's almost okay to do that in the gtkmm-3-22 branch. We have been forced to deprecate other methods there because of recent deprecations in gtk+. According to normal rules, new deprecations would have to wait until gtkmm 3.24.

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