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Thank you for clearing away my problems. I'm getting back to work now.

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On 10 March 2017 at 12:47, Krzysztof Piecuch via gtkmm-list <gtkmm-list gnome org> wrote:
Thank you for you answer, I'm trying to compile it with ./
I don't really know which I want - I *think* I should contribute to master if I want to introduce new stuff to the library, but I couldn't find anything on that topic on the website.

Indeed, the default is to base patches on master, unless the patch is only applicable to stable - and especially if you are adding new API, which I now realise you are.
In that case, then of course, you simply need to compile and install sigc++ master (3) first. I tend to find jhbuild an easier way to do this nowadays, but sigc++ is small enough that it's not much hassle to do manually.
Once the package is installed on your system, the .pc file will be available for pkg-config to find, and configure for gtkmm will succeed. (assuming no other missing deps, etc.)

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