Re: gtkmm-4.0: Remove Gtk::Application::create() with argc and argv?

On 07/02/17 01:16 PM, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
gtk+-4.0 and gtkmm-4.0 are future API/ABI-breaking versions of gtk+ and

gtk_init() in gtk+-4.0 does not take argc and argv arguments any more.
Therefore Gtk::Application::create() does not use those arguments. They
are just saved and used by Gtk::Application::run(). There are run()
overloads that also take argc and argv arguments. Removing that create()
overload and the corresponding constructor would result in the cleanest
and most logical API. A drawback is that it requires an extra change in
many (probably most) gtkmm applications when they are upgraded to
gtkmm-4.0. For instance in more than a hundred example programs in

I suggest that we remove Gtk::Application::create(argc, argv,
application_id, flags) despite the drawback.

Since it is an API breaking release and it is too match the upstream API
(also breaking), I believe the need for fixing clients is a reasonable

As a user of gtkmm I'm ok with that. It would be counter productive


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