Re: Is there a .defs spec? Where? contains the link
which contains a draft .defs spec. There is a series of such drafts in the gtk-devel-list from January and February 2000. Our present .defs files do not comply exactly
with any version of the spec that I've seen (including the gtk+ commit that you linked to).
I'll just let add
  (deprecated #t)
to deprecated signals and properties.


Den 2016-03-07 kl. 11:09, skrev Murray Cumming:
I can't find it anymore. It was here:
though I don't know if that was the latest version.

And it should be here, if the waybackmachine works again for that page
some time:

However, maybe this was a later official version:

There are not so many projects that use the .defs format now, so you
should feel free to use it however you like.


On Mon, 2016-03-07 at 10:24 +0100, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
The file glibmm/tools/extra_defs_gen/ contains
the comment
    //#t and #f aren't documented, but I guess that it's correct
based on the example in the .defs spec.
Where can I find that spec?

It would be fine if gmmproc could report wrapped signals and
properties that are deprecated in glib/gtk+ but not in glibmm/gtkmm.
To be able to do that, I want to add some information to the
*_signals.defs files. If these files meet a spec, I want them to meet
that spec also after my changes, if       possible.


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