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On Sun, 2016-03-06 at 21:04 +1300, Ian Martin wrote:
Hi Russel,
Sorry, wasn't supposed to be off-list; we've all had to hunt down
answer to questions answered off list before, and knowing someone
has asked it doesn't help anyone looking later.

Back on-list. :-)

In the docs every class has a wrap() method associated with it.  I
the general idea is not well documented, but then there shouldn't be
need to use them; if you're having to use wrap() then there's
missing in gtkmm, and it's probably better to fix that than plan to
C routinely.

My problem is that I want to use GStreamerMM with GtkMM, but whilst
Debian packages GStreamerMM 1.0, the Fedora GStreamerMM is 0.10. So in
order to be up-to-date and platform agnostic I am having to code using
the GStreamer C API in a GtkMM codebase. So the problem is not a GtkMM
one, and thus unfixable by this community. 

The other piece of relevant information is that some objects are
by another - Gtk::Adjustment is a good example; these are only
via a RefPtr, rather than a raw pointer.  Also, before you update
docs, from a recent thread on the mailing list it's possible all 
pointers may be deprecated soon in favour of some form of smart 
pointer.  That'd be a significant improvement from a C++
but I believe the mechanics of it are still being ironed out.

I am trying to use std::unique_ptr and std::shared_ptr everywhere I can
whilst working with Glib::RefPtr and Gtk::manage as required by the
GtkMM API. The mix can sometimes look quite odd!

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