C++11 features, move semantics?


just wondering if anyone has given any thought on C++11 features for

One thing that seems very unfortunate is that all objects are
non-movable (due to them being explicitly made non-copyable which then
also deletes the move constructor).

Actually, what I was trying to do was to create an array of
Gtk::Label, e.g.

  { Gtk::Label l[] { Gtk::Label{"1"}, Gtk::Label{"2"} }; }

this one doesn't work because a Gtk::Label is neither copyable nor
movable (but I think it should be movable) - the alternative

  { Gtk::Label l[] { {"1"}, {"2"} }; }

doesn't work either because the constructor is marked explicit.

I have only done a very cursory search through the mailing list
archive, but haven't found much related. Any thoughts?



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