Re: .doap category in mm projects

The new categories are discussed on desktop-devel-list, starting with
But I haven't found a motivation for the new categories, or an explanation how they shall be used. You could ask there, if you like.

Some categories have been removed. libxml++ still has category bindings. When I tried to make other changes to libxml++.doap, git refused to push the changes.

remote: ERROR: libxml++.doap is not valid:
remote:    doap:category property should be one of: apps,core,core-apps,deprecated,infrastructure contains a different list of allowed categories. And no explanation how to use them!


Den 2014-08-18 14:29, Marcin Kolny skrev:
I just wanted to update .doap file in gstreamermm project. I noticed, that category for every mm project was set to "core". Why it can't be still in "binding" category?
Thanks for your reply!

Best regards,
Marcin Kolny

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