Re: version information or bundles for visual studio

On 08/08/2014 09:08, codekiddy wrote:
You said "You might also be interested to know that there's an official Microsoft project that aims to build the GTK stack"
I'm guessing you talking about this:

Can you provide a link to the microsoft project you said?

No, it isn't stictly Hexchat - although I know that Microsoft's devs have been in touch with the Hexchat guys and possibly used Hexchat as a starting point.  The project itself is called CoApp:-

From what I can tell it's effectively some kind of apt-get system for Windows (although the apt-get bit is called NuGet).  One of its aims is to harmonize the use of GTK on Windows so that (if possible) there'll just be one 'official' library stack (built with MSVC, of course) that everyone can use.  It'll probably have different options (for VC10 / 11/ 12 /13 etc) such that debugging is available across all compilers.  I've had some limited involvement in the project myself (just discussions really, with Microsoft and the other devs).  Progress is a bit slow, from what I can tell...  :-(


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