version information or bundles for visual studio

hello, I'm building my own gtk and gtkmm libraries with latest msvc (VS2013), and the problem is that everything was (painfull)successful (more or less) until I came to the last package (gtkmm) and got 5 undefined externals :/ and I realy stuck in the end like never before.

I'm somewhat sure this is because of missmatched versions of packgaes that i compiled because I didn't care about that realy, so I would like you to tell where to obtain a complete list of compatible gtk+ and gtkmm packages (sources)? because some versions simply do not compile with others.

I'm pretty sure you guys have a complete bundle of sources, so instead of searching for compatible packages on my own maybe you can give a list of compatible packages/sources? (the one you use for your own development?)
Maybe I'm wrong (most probably) ,  if so please let me know what else should I know when compiling everything from source on windows except version compatibility?

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