Re: version information or bundles for visual studio

On 06/08/2014 04:02, codekiddy wrote:
hello, I'm building my own gtk and gtkmm libraries with latest msvc (VS2013), and the problem is that everything was (painfull)successful (more or less) until I came to the last package (gtkmm) and got 5 undefined externals :/ and I realy stuck in the end like never before.

Hi there,

I'm quite experienced at building both gtk and gtkmm with MSVC although there are a couple of caveats here... firstly, I'm building the older gtk (gtk2) rather than the newer, gtk3. And secondly, I'm restricted to using an older version of MSVC (i.e. VS2005). However, if you could list the 5 unresolved externals I could possibly let you know what libraries they come from and which library version you'll need.

You might also be interested to know that there's an official Microsoft project that aims to build the GTK stack (along with all its dependencies) with the aim of producing an official Microsoft release (basically, Microsoft is getting worried about all us small independent devs releasing our own builds and potentially plunging everybody back to "DLL Hell"). I'm not sure how advanced the project is but it's been going for at least a year.


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