Gobject introspection and *mm


I've read a little bit about this topic; there are a few public emails that address why gobject-introspection is not currently being used in *mm modules. I don't want to reopen this, just clarify my ideas.

What I've read and makes sense for me is that gobject-introspection adds nothing to gmmproc. The gmmproc system, as its current state, does more or less what introspection does; i.e. .defs files seem to be the introspection repo for gmmproc and they are generated automatically.

I recently started to think how bindings can be generated from introspection info. I think that would provide me more insight on the tricks behind signals, properties, ... Is anyone working on this? I mean automatic wrapper generation based on gobject-introspection.

Thank you very much in advance.


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