Referring to libstdc++


I'm writing software in C++, and I use Doxygen for API docs. I noticed
that mm-common comes with a doxygen file for libstdc++, so all mm-common
users (gtkmm, glibmm, etc.) can refer to it. But it seems to download
its own specific copy instead of having full shared docs for all C++
APIS to refer to, and allow the user access to full std namespace docs.

Is there a reason a doxygen doc package for libstdc++ is not shipped
with GNU/Linux distros? IIRC I saw HTML docs in Fedora, but they weren't
available from Devhelp. And in Debian I don't see such docs at all.

I always use web resources for C++, and I'd like to have at least the C
++ standard library in Devhelp. is a good
example, I use it a lot. Having it as a package on the desktop would be
amazing, although having it alone doesn't allow immediately

I use GNOME 3.4.2 so maybe things changed since then. What is the recent
approach for referencing the std namespace in Doxygen and having the
whole libstdc++ doxygen docs visible in Devhelp?


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