Re: Running the main loop in a separate thread

Wow , that actually worked like a charm . I Looked through the classes and how an application gets initialized , I found out that with two windows hiding the second one works properly (it still remains a bug that with one window GTK doesn't clear it upon hiding but rather interrupts and waits for the process to terminate and clear things) . So here's what I needed to do (for anyone who might stumble on this thread in the future) :
in main() :
>create the Gtk::Application and widgets (I imported them via GtkBuilder)
>import the windows to the app via app->add_window(...);
> here I omitted dealing with the possible command line arguments , but I'm not using them anyway
>call app->register_application
>call app->activate

>init GLUT stuff
>register the idle func to g_do_one_loop()

void g_do_one_loop(){

static Glib::RefPtr<Glib::MainContext> GMC=Glib::MainContext::get_default();



And as my widgets (windows) are global I can hide/show them from where ever I want and everything works great .


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