Running the main loop in a separate thread

Hello everyone , I hope the topic isn't reposted too much . I've been on it for about 3 hours now and Google doesn't seem to point to much info . Briefly put - I have a GLUT app that I want to use gtkmm windows with (for input/other dialogues) . I thought I can just run the GTKmm main loop in a separate thread , but that turned out not to work properly . So firstly - is the concept flawed , or should I refine my code till it works ? At the moment I can run the gtkmm window in a separate thread (the main loop that is) , but upon ending the thread (or closing the window via X or the window.hide() function) the window hangs (and doesn't get cleaned off the screen). The thread however (I think) closes properly , and my guess was that that would destroy the window but what do I know..

Here's the code for gtkmm . On keypress the GLUT window calls get_new_note in a new thread. The GTKmm application and widgets are global.

Note *AddNote(char *text){

notes.broi++; //broi==count in bulgarian

notes.n[notes.broi] = new Note;
notes.n[notes.broi]->text = g_strdup(text);

return notes.n[notes.broi];

void *get_new_note(void*id){


delete new_note_window;

return 0;

void new_note_input_done(){

const char *text;


d((char *)text);

new_note_window->hide(); //stuff I tried prior to hide: new_note_window->unset_application();//sigc::hide(new_note_window);


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