Re: Deadlock in Gst::init()

On 05/14/12 19:05, José Alburquerque wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-05-14 at 12:02 -0400, Kurt Miller wrote:
>>> Hi José,
>>> Thanks for the ideas. Your thinking this is a symbol conflict, right? I tried
>>> the rename of gst_adder_get_type() to gst_adder_mm_get_type() in
>>> and This worked to get past the adder recursion,
>>> however the same problem exists in next next plugin to be loaded:
>>> audioconvert.
>>> I'm now thinking this might be due to binutils 2.17 and later new feature:
>>> -Bsymbolic-functions. Can you confirm if gst-plugins-base plugins are
>>> linked with -Bsymbolic-functions? This would explain why the local
>>> function is used over the one in gstreamermm.
>> Hi José,
>> I think it should be reproduceable if you configure plugins-base
>> with --disable-Bsymbolic.
> It's still not reproducible here even if both GStreamer and
> gst-plugins-base are configured with the --disable-Bsymbolic option.
> The gst_adder_get_type() function in gstadder.c is still called from the
> plugin_init() function as before.
> At any rate, I've made a new release where the custom plug-in
> *_get_type() functions are named in such a way so as not to conflict
> with the GStreamer *_get_type() function names.  This should fix this
> problem though it is not clear why it is happening.

Hi José,

Indeed it does fix the problem. All tests pass and subtitleeditor
runs now without deadlocking. Thank you for your time and help
with this.


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