Re: EXTERNAL: Re: Two events when selecting a RadioButton

I know this thread is a few months old but it is a subject that is
of interest to me now.  I did not see

On 12/18/2011 4:28 AM, Robert Pearce wrote:
The signal_slicked for radio buttons doesn't do what it says at all! If
I am beginning to believe that.

you check out the thread "Weird RadioButton behaviour" from back in
May, I was having troubles with it for slightly different reasons.
I couldn't find that thread

In reality, it's actually quite useful sometimes to receive a signal
when a RadioButton is deactivated by one of the others in the group.
I suppose I could see a need for that but for now it is a frustration for

It's also fairly easy to tell the real click from the remote
deactivation, because in the former case the button will be active when
your function is called, and in the latter it won't.
I haven't figured out how to separate them.  I found that for both of
the two events get_active() returns true so this seems useless to me.
Am I missing something?

Damon Register

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