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Thanks for the reply. The problem is im on a linux system so as far as I know it I cant install the exe to get to the binaries. I would have to rebuild the gtkmm libraries, which is were Im at.

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It’s much easier just to install the precompiled binaries. See


I congratulate you on compiling gtk+ for Windows. When I tried that, I failed. I was so relieved when I discovered the precompile binaries.

Installing them worked just great for me.


Jim Tilton


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Like the subject says, I'm looking to compile my program on Linux for Windows using mingw32. So far I have mingw32 and gtk+ for Windows installed on my mint10 box and am looking to moving to installing gtkmm for Windows. Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any tips or tutorials I can use? I have found a few but they seem fairly old, using older versions (2004?). Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jamie Ryan Lahowetz
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