hand wrapping cluttermm functions (again)

I'm (still) wrapping some of cluttermm- or at least trying to (thanks Murray and Kjell- your replies helped++).

The Clutter::Animator::set_key() function has no conversion between values; if passed (e.g.) a double, it will compile and run but std::cout gets a stream of messages about not having a float. My understanding of the problem is that there is the possibility of defining a custom property to animate, so type-checking can't happen.

The value is stored in a GParamSpec. It might be possible to create an empty GParamSpec with the correct name, query it for the appropriate value type, and convert the passed in value to the correct type. Is there anywhere in the g*mm source that does something like this?

And should I be trying to do this in the wrapper or filing a bug against the Clutter code?


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