Re: Handling utf8 data from SQLite

>> This is basic C++:

I apologise for wasting your time on something so basic.

>> try {
>>  std::cout << "DB - Password: " << password << std::endl;
>> }
>> catch (Glib::Exception& e) {
>>  std::cerr << e.what().raw() << std::endl;
>> }
>> catch (std::exception& e) {
>>  std::cerr << e.what() << std::endl;
>> }

Mmm I added this to my code and it continues to print out the same
error without appearing to catch the exception.  I changed in the
above code std::cerr to std::cout because on WinXP std::cerr doesn't
go to the terminal.  However I continue to only get:

(Japanese01.exe:2428): glibmm-CRITICAL **:
unhandled exception (type Glib::Error) in signal handler:
domain: g_convert_error
code  : 1
what  : Invalid byte sequence in conversion input

It doesn't look like it is being caught here.  So I suppose this means
the error is being thrown somewhere else? Perhaps in the 'signal
handler'? Where would I find this?

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