Re: Handling utf8 data from SQLite

On Sat, 10 Sep 2011 10:11:47 +1000
Zettai Muri <zettaimuri gmail com> wrote:
> >    sqlite3_finalize(stmt);
> >    sqlite3_close(db);
> >
> >    std::cout << "DB - Password: " << password << std::endl;
> >    return password;
> The strangest part of this is that if I comment out:
> std::cout << "DB - Password: " << password << std::endl;
> Recompile it and run it.  All combinations of Japanese/English
> usernames to passwords can be searched for and returned (displayed on
> label) without producing the 'unhandled exception in signal handler'
> Does anyone know why just this line could cause this?

Why not catch the exception and print it out to find out?

Probably the conversion of utf-8 to the locale encoding done behind the
scenes by the overloaded operator<<() for Glib::ustring is throwing.
That in turn could be because the the input string is not in utf-8, or
because you have not called std::locale::global(std::locale("")) to set
the locale.

More generally, unless you want to manipulate utf-8 in your strings by
using Glib::ustring's specific utf-8 reliant methods, you are better off
avoiding problems like this by using std::string.  More specifically,
if you do want to use utf-8 reliant methods but done want conversion to
occur with operator <<(), then do:

std::cout << "DB - Password: " << password.raw() << std::endl;


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