Re: more size questions

Chris Vine said the following at 09/10/2011 03:43 AM :

> So the documentation is now wrong in saying "The GtkFixed widget is a
> container which can place child widgets at fixed positions and with
> fixed sizes".  That is how it used to be in GTK+2, mostly (see below
> about "mostly"). What it should say in GTK+3 is that "The GtkFixed
> widget is a container which can place child widgets at fixed positions".

Well that certainly explains why I couldn't get the behaviour defined in
the documentation. You can imagine how frustrated I was.

That was a tremendously helpful post. Thank you very much.

> So unless anyone on the list can think of an easy way of stopping
> Gtk::Fixed resizing, I suppose you have three options: use GTK+2, use
> another toolkit such as Qt or subclass Gtk::DrawingArea.

I think that the last is probably the only realistic way forward. I have
experienced too many "We can't fix this because it's a limitation of Qt"
responses to bug reports in KDE4's plasma desktop code for me to willingly
embrace Qt, and to use an old version of Gtk just doesn't seem like the
right thing to do.

I had been pondering the possibility of using the ellipsize() solution that
you mentioned in a subsequent e-mail, but that turns out to be not
particularly useful for reasons that would bore the readership here (and
threaten the prospect of the appearance of the proverbial rat-hole or can
of worms).

However, now that I know that what I was trying to do isn't really the way
that Fixed behaves, I can implement a temporary workaround just for testing
and alpha-code purposes. At least that way I can feel like I'm making some
progress, since I won't have to spend the next N hours/days figuring out
the intricacies and possible documentation omissions and/or errors
associated with a DrawingArea. I can wait to do that later, when I have all
the keyboard handling stuff I need implemented.

Thanks again.


PS Is there a way to file bug reports against the gtkmm documentation? I
would hate for someone else to spend as much time as I did harbouring the
mistaken belief that the Fixed documentation was correct.


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