Re: more size questions

On Sat, 10 Sep 2011 10:43:48 +0100
Chris Vine <chris cvine freeserve co uk> wrote:
> So unless anyone on the list can think of an easy way of stopping
> Gtk::Fixed resizing, I suppose you have three options: use GTK+2, use
> another toolkit such as Qt or subclass Gtk::DrawingArea.

Ah, it has occurred to me that there is a fourth option.

This option depends on you not minding long text elipsizing (ending
itself with ... to show there is missing text).  Any real-life
application intended for other users is going to want to ellipsize to
indicate to users missing text, but yours may not be a real-life
application in that sense.

If you call set_ellipsize() on the label and then set its
size with set_size_request() it will behave as you want, but with
ellipsizing on long text.  As a development of this, you can set a tool
tip contained all the text which a user can hover over if she wants.


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